The Vice-Chancellor Prof. Lucy Irungu officially opened a one-day workshop organized by the Ministry of Education, State Department for University Education and Research on Tuesday 29th May, 2018. The workshop aimed at mobilizing and creating awareness among Machakos University staff on the upcoming funding opportunities on Horizon 2020.

In his welcoming remarks, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor in Charge of Research, Innovation and Linkages, Prof. Peter Mwita, told participants that the workshop strengthens the university research reservoirs in terms of opportunities and partnerships through the establishment of fruitful collaborations with universities all over the world. This is in accordance with Division of Research division’s function: Promotion and coordination of research, research proposals, proposal development, scientific and academic publication, innovation, extension and technology transfer to industry and business community.
“I would like to assure our staff that my division will continue to discharge this function equitably, fairly and diligently to the effect that we shall all, in honour and spirit, celebrate our teamwork”. Prof. Mwita told participants.

Prof. Peter Mwita makes welcoming remarks

Prof. Lucy Irungu addresses participants

In the her opening address, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Lucy Irungu noted that Kenya is emerging as one of Africa’s key growth centers with sound economic policies in place for future improvement. This way, Kenyan researchers and research institutions need to take advantage of the opportunities presented by Europe 2020 strategy to achieve our national desires. Machakos University in seeking to be a leading research institution in Kenya, has a major role in producing knowledge-based resources necessary to sustain the growth momentum. We can brand our university to be known as “The Research University”. This is possible through a sound research culture.

“I know for sure that in order to have a research culture that enhances research productivity, university leaders need to come up with clear research goals and ensure such goals are effectively communicated to relevant stakeholders. Universities and other institutions involved in research need to ensure there is good relationships among faculty members as this would go a long way in developing and maintaining research culture in their respective institutions as well as supporting inter-faculty mentoring initiatives.” Prof. Irungu said.